Garden: Wrapping It Up

This is it...our little plot at Stony Kill is finished for the season. Saturday was clean-up day, so Nance and I zipped out to help clear stakes and rocks from the field. We harvested what was left of the collard greens, then went on our merry Halloween way.

It sure was a rough season...too much rain, not enough warm, the Late Blight & squash bug disaster... It's almost enough to make one give up (and there sure were more abandoned plots this year than in the past). But while it could have been much better, we did have a lot of success: Our peppers did well (this season's jelly ROCKS), we discovered maxixe, the red cabbage and nasturtiums were the spiciest ever, and we had lots of fun playing with the things that did survive. It seems like years have passed since I sowed seeds in my Manhattan windows, but it was a wonderfully educational summer!

See ya in the spring, little patch of Earth!

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