Happy Thanksgiving from 34th Street!

As I'm actually in town this Thanksgiving--and I don't have to be at feast #1 until 4--I thought I'd go over and take some pix at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, which ends just down the street from my place. Last time I stayed in town (2001), I noticed how close you could get to the balloon deflation, so I wanted to go take photos. But alas, the NYPD has yet again thwarted me with its annoying over-use of barricades. So...I wandered around and actually had some fun (I must admit, the vibe was pretty great). Here are some of the highlights:

A Japanese anime monster meets its doom!

Is that a beer you're holding, Snoopy?

I can't believe the Smurfs are back. I still remember the aftermath of eating Smurfberry Crunch when I was a kid...

Santa offers a ride to the people on the balcony.

The most popular souvenir of the day was the inflatable Spider-Man sledgehammer. It was so nice to see the giving spirit of Thanksgiving reflected in the children as they beat the crap out of each other...

Where balloons go to die.

The street signs and lamps relax as they wait to take over the streets again...

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