A Scrape with Ticker Tape

I've been in NYC since 1995, and there are (unfortunately) still things I should probably do as part of my "True New Yorker" list. When I read about the Yankees ticker tape parade yesterday, I decided it was time to check off another box. So this morning, Mandy and I braved the wind and the crowds and set off to the "Canyon of Heroes" in Lower Manhattan.

I'm glad I went, but at first...not so much. The morning was yet another example of NYPD crowd control at its finest. Streets leading to Broadway--and the parade--were blocked off, resulting in many, many frustrated people. Apparently poor plebeians can't actually watch a ticker tape parade: unless you're work in one of the offices on Broadway or are a psycho who arrives at 3AM, you're S.O.L. So, as to avoid me punching an officer and landing in jail, we hopped the train to Whitehall Street and ended up with a sort of view of Bowling Green (it would have been fine if the universe instituted a height fairness rule for crowds, but that's never going to happen...). At least we saw a tiny bit, were showered with some paper, and cheered a little, too.

Click on the pics--the detail makes them much more interesting...

Oh, right...we were there to cheer the players. Here's a mystery busload of Yankees. No idea who they are, but YAY!

Who knew they still made those sheets of computer paper with the holes in the sides?! I thought that stuff went out with the 1980s!

The Guido in front of us...

The aftermath.

The coolest part, for me, turned out to be checking out some of the stuff chucked out of windows. Wall Street secrets, anyone? Need official NYC health documents?

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