Chili Figgyness

I had a few figs to use, so I grabbed the cast iron skillet, some chili powder that was a gift from Santa Fe, and some creativity to come up with one of my favorite new concoctions.

Take a handful of sliced beef and toss it in the skillet, along with about 1/3 tsp. of some sweet/hot chili powder (I think a good hot paprika would work). Sauté the beef over medium-low heat until just about done, then add 4 or 5 figs (cut them in half lengthwise, brush some olive oil on the flesh, and put them in the pan cut-side down). Cook the figs until they just start to get juicy and brown, then flip. Sprinkle in some salt and freshly-ground black pepper. Allow to cook for another minute, then carefully remove and plate the figs. Stir the beef to coat with any of the remaining fig juice or flesh, and then scatter over the figs.

Salty, sweet, and hot!