I’M MAD because the federal government continues to cut public programs.
I’M MAD about the inequality in this country.
I’M MAD that the Democrats don’t have the balls to speak up and fight for what’s right.
I’M MAD that there’s rampant cronyism in the government.
I’M MAD because the oil companies made record profits last quarter.
I’M MAD that Bush supporters plug their ears and refuse to listen to reason.
I’M MAD that the leaders of the non-fundamentalist religions haven’t spoken up about the injustices our government is committing against our society and the world.
I’M MAD that these same leaders don’t step forward with THEIR interpretation of the Bible.
I’M MAD that thousands were left without food and water in New Orleans, and it took days for some sort of response to be “organized.”
I’M MAD that the poor and middle-class pay for the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
I’M MAD that FEMA has been gutted, so that it’s become a totally inept institution.
I’M MAD about reports that FEMA workers turned away food and water, cut communication lines, and slowed up the recovery effort outside of New Orleans.
I’M MAD that, in spite of the obvious ineptitude, some in the media continue to buy the Bush administration’s rationale for invading Iraq—whichever one they’re using at the moment, anyway.
I’M MAD that our security is in worse shape today than it was prior to 9/11.
I’M MAD that Bush is allowed to swagger like a monkey on steroids.
I’M MAD that PR takes precedence over human lives.
I’M MAD the richest country in the world can’t take care of its own citizens.
I’M MAD because there’s very little communication between “liberals” and the “conservatives.”
I’M MAD that, after millions of years, we humans haven’t learned a whole heck of a lot.
I’M MAD that injustices continue to take place across the globe.
I’M MAD that so many people watch and believe Fox News.