Childhood Games

Wandering around the galleries today, the best show of the day was in the window of a gallery on 10th Avenue. As I strolled by three children were standing in a window, waving at all of the passersby. I happily waved back, and they started jumping up and down and cheering. Ahh...that great old childhood game of getting complete strangers to somehow acknowledge you!

I remember fighting for the seats in the back of the school bus on field trip day. Could we get truckers to honk at us? I'm sure we were terribly annoying (I even have faint memories of signs, which were undoubtedly horrible). But I remember the joy that we received from something so simple.

What an amazing feeling.


Bloody Cold in New York

Just a quick post to note that it's a little cold here. There's not much to say when one's brain is frozen, though it is possible to delude one's self by sitting in the sun in the window in a toasty apartment.

Until the sun goes behind the building across the street...

Winter is here with a vengeance.


Long Hiatus

I've been on hiatus completing a large project...and now I'm back!

And to celebrate my return, let us all ponder--what is "Meditarian" food?