Post-Halloween Candy Revelation

When Halloween candy time arrives, I always fight the temptation to pick up a bag of candy corn (preferably the brown variety, which I think tastes better...people think I'm nuts, but whatever).

That's all just changed forever.

I just opened the Autumn Harvest Mix from Alps Sweet Shop in Beacon (thanks, Nancy!). Holy crap. It's not just waxy sugar, it actually tastes like something. The regular and brown candy corn have more depth than the supermarket variety; there are little walnut-shaped pieces that taste like maple sugar candy; the pumpkins and ears of corn are fruity; and last but certainly not least...cinnamon-flavored red candy corn! It's all over for Brach's, people. I've moved on.

(Now it's time to come down from my sugar high!)

Alps Sweet Shop has two locations: 269 Main Street in Beacon and 1054 Main Street in Fishkill. The website, sadly, seems to be down.

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