Garden 34th Street: It's Alive!!!

It may be mid-November, but my window garden's still thriving (thank you, Southern exposure!). The hours of direct sunlight I get this time of years are few, so the peppers are taking longer and longer to ripen (and there are very few flowers). But finally, this morning, I noticed...ripe Frankenpeppers!!

I wasn't sure if it was a smart idea to try a potentially hot pepper before breakfast, but I did... Hoping this pollination accident would result in the flavor of the biquinho with the hotness of the chili hots, I tread warily, carefully. But alas...the one I picked this morning doesn't have much to it. It's lost its biquinhoness, and just has a little hint of heat at the back of the throat...if you chew on it for a while... Kind of like a not hot chili hot with an interesting shape.

Oh well...perhaps the others will be better! Otherwise, I guess I'll just toss them in salads to add a little pretty to my day! There are worse things...

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