Again...Why Do People Discard Leek Greens?

I've written about this before, but as leeks are in season, I thought it was time to discuss this subject again.

I purchased a beautiful bunch of leeks at the farmers market last Saturday. As he was taking my money, the vendor asked me if I wanted him to trim off the greens for me. After a quick, panicky "no" from me, he gave me a knowing eye...which made me wonder... Perhaps farmers "kindly" offer to kindly remove the "unusable section" because they know how AWESOMELY GOOD it is? More for them?

More for me...

So, last night I revisited my Sichuan leek green stir fry, this time with the addition of some noodles. People, listen to me, USE THE GREENS! They're absolutely fabulous.

Enough said.

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