Today @ Hong Kong Supermarket: Corned Beef Crackers?

Corned Beef Flavored Crackers? Really? I almost want to try them, because in some bizarre world, they might actually be good... But let's be real, they're probably salty and weird. What kind of brain decided this was a good idea? Did someone go to Ireland and say, "Wait a minute, this corned beef stuff is good, but it would be AWESOME as a cracker!" Perhaps this is a mystery we'll never solve...

A bonus photo: A legal warning, just in case you pick up these jellies in lieu of crackers:

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

Well, I think whoever came up with the idea for Chicken in a Biskit crackers was a genius so maybe it's not that weird LOL.

They used to make a drumstick shaped chicken flavored cracker that I loved too.