Garden: Ma-Sheesh!

I finally made it back to Beacon this weekend (it had been a month--where did the summer go?!). What did I find upon returning to the garden? Maxixe! Loads and loads of maxixe!

We think we harvested a bushel from the big plant, which we also weeded at the same time. Turns out that may have been a mistake... When we returned two days later, the poor thing was pretty much toast, as it was very brown and very sad. Oh well. Note for next year: don't weed maxixe, as it seems to like the shady damp, and the weeds don't seem to bother it.

More from the garden:

The peppers are also zooming along. If we get some more sunny days we should end up with a boatload of chili hots. Hooray!

It looks like these are the only Brazilian hot peppers to survive in the garden. I believe they're aji, but I can't find the seed packet to be sure. Regardless, they're flavorful and hot.

And apparently we're growing tomatillos! Didn't realize I planted them, but the bees are loving the flowers, so as long as we get some good weather this month, I see much wonderful salsa in our future.

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