Garden: Winding Down

We went to harvest more peppers at Stony Kill this weekend, and it's amazing how things are really winding down. Where did the summer go? Oh, right...we didn't have one. Successful gardening was quite the fight this year, and many of the plots are completely overgrown and seemingly abandoned. But I'm glad we fought the fight. We continue to harvest what managed to survive, as do some of our other compatriots. One more month...

Some of our beautiful salad and pesto gatherings. The nasturtiums really loved the weather this year--we've never had such a wonderful harvest of vivid, flowery, peppery goodness!

The last of our maxixe, which we sautéed with garlic and popped into the freezer in anticipation of winter soups and stews. Oh, maxixe, you were good to us this year. Who knew two plants could feed a village?

The final mystery of the plot is the tomatillo. We have tons of fruit on the vine--and even more flowers--but nothing seems to be maturing. So, right now we have a boatload of very pretty...empty...paper pods. I guess we'll see what Mother Nature has in store!

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