I've finally spent a little time in the recently revamped Hong Kong Supermarket in Chinatown (on Hester at Elizabeth, in the former Dynasty Supermarket space). I need to explore it a bit more, but I can already tell it's much cleaner and better organized than Dynasty, and it seems to have a slightly different kind of stock than the other large Chinatown markets (oh, and it's slightly cheaper, too).

But, there's also an evil side... You're lured into the store by the smell of cream filled cakes baking in a little stand by the entrance. And if the aroma wasn't enticing enough, once you see the wonderful little machine that makes them...you're hooked. If you decide to buy some (8 for $2), eat them while they're still warm, when they're surprisingly wonderful. But once they've cooled they're kind of fakey tasting, which is no surprise, but a letdown nonetheless...

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