Jelly's Up

Just returned from a busy weekend in Nancy's kitchen, where our main task was to crack out the cauldron and make our first giant batch of pepper jelly.

With all of our garden troubles this summer--wet, cold, blight, deer, etc.--we weren't sure how our crop of chili hots would turn out. There wasn't much sun and absolutely no hot weather...would they be hot? We were nervous...

Happily, somehow, we have hot peppers, so the jelly turned out better than last year. And we have a bounty of green ajis and colorful cayenne to boot, so we've decided we're definitely going to experiment with hot sauces this year. Might as well branch out!

We've also decided to launch a hot pepper blog, hotpeppah.blogspot.com, where we'll post fan recipes, ideas, and stories. If you have any favorites, send them our way!

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