Garden: Extended Weekend Part 1 -- F*@*&%$#@K!

Nancy's right: it's an ass year for the garden.

Our tomatoes are all gone now. Actually setting eyes on the plots at Stony Kill is a sad, sad thing. There are very few tomato plants left not sick with late blight, and unless they're miraculously a variety with some natural resistance (which apparently doesn't exist, from what research I've done), it's only a matter of time. Most of the gardeners haven't given up, so the garden area is a sea of suffering plants with black leaves and unripe fruit covered in large black spots.

Nancy picked whatever fruit was on the vines as they pulled the plants up, but although they have a nice tomato plant smell, they're unusable. We couldn't even make fried green tomatoes...

And now, to add insult to injury, we're losing the squash. Friday, two of the beautiful zucchini plants looked seriously compromised, the leaves were turning brown and droopy. The next day, a neighboring plot-owner said, "Oh, it looks like you have bugs." Sure enough, the roots were undulating and being eaten by some sort of nasty little chomping something.


And the rain continues...downpour upon downpour. Please, Mother Nature, could we have some sort of proper August, so the rest of our plants do well? Pretty please with sugar on top?

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