Garden: RIP Little Baby Tomato Plants

Just got word from Nancy...most of our tomatoes had indeed been infected with late blight. They had to dig up and bag many of the little guys, and basically, what's left doesn't stand a chance. The Stony Kill plots are completely full of sick plants, and many of the other gardeners just don't understand they need to remove anything that's been infected...so the disease is just going to continue to spread.

I'm especially heartbroken, as I'd raised most of those plants from seeds in my window on 34th Street... It's been a tragic summer for my little baby seedlings: A bag full of peppers and other things were abandoned on a train by a forgetful friend trying to be helpful (and FYI, the MTA immediately discards food and plants, so I had no chance of recovering them at Grand Central's famous Lost & Found); critters devoured the baby jiló; and now the blight has killed the tomatoes.

I guess I wasn't meant to be a farmer. It hurts too much...

In memory, let's celebrate the too-brief life of our little tomatoes with a few photos. Rest in peace, little ones (cue melancholy music)...

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