Garden: Extended Weekend Part 2 -- On The Bright Side...

As depressing as much of the gardening has been this summer, there are some happy tidbits to share. Some of the things are actually doing pretty well, and as long as we can plant some things to make up for the giant tomato tragedy, we still have a shot at making good at Stony Kill this summer.

The alien pods...er...I mean maxixe is going gangbusters. I'll write more in a separate post, but if the plants continue to do as well as they are right now, we'll have loads! Good thing the maxixe turned out to be yummy, or we'd be in trouble.

Nancy harvested the first of her red cabbage on Friday. While she's absolutely gaga for the colorful stuff, I've long been more passive, and I don't miss it if I don't have it. But now, I have to admit she's right about the stuff we grow in the garden. Amazingly complex and peppery, it's totally worth raising. Looks like it's a good year for cabbage, so the three remaining plants out there should be just as good--as long as the deer that continue to tromp through our plot don't eat it!

The hot peppers are also happy. The few Brazilian varieties out there are growing like gangbusters, but I think they need a few hot days before they'll flower. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll get some good sun this week... The chili hots have tons of little peppers, and the plants continue to grow and flower. I had a little chat with the sun and asked it to come out and help these little babies ripen. I hope it listened.

We harvested our first cayenne pepper, and I'll report back when I try it later this week. There aren't many more coming, but it looks like some more buds are beginning to appear, so hopefully we'll get more in August.

The collard greens continue to do whatever collard greens do. Our neighbor, Susie, says we can't harvest them until the fall (sad!), but I'm going to do a little research. In the meantime, they look happy, so I'm happy.

And finally, in the unexpected results department, it turns out we have acorn squash! I thought I'd planted yellow squash (that's what the seed packet said, anyway), but apparently there was some sort of mix-up. Who knew?!

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