The KKNY Retro Recipe Project: Quaker Muffins (Or...Why I'm Not A Great Baker)

A bit overdue for another Retro Recipe, I dug through the books to find something useful to make from ingredients I already had in my cabinets. I happened to have both corn meal and currants and thought muffins would be a handy and portable breakfast item, so I returned to the 1964 Metropolitan Cook Book (which I'd used for my last retro recipe) for its Quaker Muffins. I'm not usually a corn muffin fan, but heck, the addition of currants intrigued me, so I dove in.

Yet again, though, this project ended up being proof that baking isn't really what I should be doing. Not only do I inevitably play while I cook, but I don't really pay attention when I'm reading recipes either. Throw in a phone conversation in the midst of everything, and...well... As I pondered why they came out so weirdly, I realized I left out one of the major ingredients: milk. Duh! So, while they're totally edible, they're just dense and super sweet. Whoops! Oh well...

On the bright side, the recipe also gave me the chance to finally use one of my grandmother's muffin tins (which I was told were awesome), and also test the silicone muffin pan that was a Christmas gift from the Fosters (thanks again!). Both worked well, from what I can tell!

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