Dim Sum @ Golden Bridge (UPDATE: Closed)

Jimmy and I went on a dim sum adventure Sunday morning, and we decided to try someplace new: Golden Bridge Restaurant. I'd heard people talk about it and was kind of intrigued, so thought it was time to explore more of the city's myriad dim sum options.

I'm glad I didn't read the various web comments before adventuring, because it seems to have a pretty mediocre rating. But actually, we thought it was pretty good! While the décor is a bit run-down (though they DO have a disco ball, which is way awesome), it's not as beat up as many other places I've eaten in Chinatown. And it has a nice view of the Manhattan bridge, which kind of makes up for the plastic tablecloths...

While the steamed dumplings weren't incredibly exciting, there were loads of other dishes that we enjoyed. The selection was formidable, everything seemed fresh, and the carts regularly stopped by (though I must admit, we got there fairly early and secured a primo spot along one of the main aisles).

The highlights were from the steam/fry table: The taro cakes were among the best I've had (lots of pork, and they seemed to be made from freshly-mashed taro), and the sweet orange rice dumpling-like-object with red bean paste was spectacular. We spied a few things I'd like to go back and try, too, many of which featured a heavy-handed use of fresh cilantro.

I'd say this place is definitely worth trying again. UPDATE: Or not--it's closed!!! As of the end of August, the place was shuttered. We'll see what happens!

Golden Bridge Restaurant is at 50 Bowery, just south of Canal.

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