Field Trip: Seaside Heights, NJ

Spent a few hours on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ, this weekend. I'd been there once before (loooong before MTV brought the Jersey Shore peeps there), and I wanted to go back to take a few pix before someone decides to fix it up.

And, I really wanted to play Skee-Ball!

When we had boardwalk vacations as a kid, I used to play this game a lot, too. Sorta like gambling, but with rubber balls, gravity, and lots of bouncing.

We stopped in Berkeley's Sweet Shop, which dates to the earlier part of the last century. Picked up my Eastertime must-have--chocolate peanut butter eggs--but they were only kind of OK (they need a little salt, in my opinion) BUT, the crazy Easter chocolate was worth the stop:

With this trio of crosses, create your own chocolate Golgotha!

The crazy eyes on just about everything else was...well... Anyone up for a psychotic lost baby chocolate (with a...err...flower on the belly button?)? Or attack kitty?

Hypnotized Easter Bunny heads. I think I'll pick a few up for all of the small children I know.

Stepped into a divey boardwalk bar...

...and saw a biker & a beer.

Wonder if anyone actually wins a "free" ice cream from this crane game...

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