The KKNY Retro Recipe Project: Chicken Salad Sandwiches

As I searched my various cookbooks for something to make for Mandy's birthday brunch, I finally landed upon the perfect idea: tea sandwiches (easy to transport, very little to clean up). The books offered up so many ideas, from things with cheese and bacon to numerous varieties of egg salad, by I eventually went with a chicken salad recipe from the cookbook that started it all: the Metropolitan Cook Book. I have editions from 1959 and 1964, and I swear I've seen copies of this one dating back to the 40s. And there are different versions dating back to at least the teens, so who knows how far back this recipe goes?

The "Chicken Filling" recipe wasn't so scary, so I was actually able to stick to it (a miracle). But I must admit that I was lazy and made it in my food processor, so it ended up being more of a spread rather than a chunky chicken salad. Regardless, it seemed to go over well at the brunch, so I suppose it was actually a good idea! It was fairly tasty--the olives added just enough salt and a little zing, and I'm not sure what the walnuts did, but whatever... Of course, I'd tweak it somehow if I made it again (more olives? A little chili?), but overall, a success.

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