Save Stony Kill!

New York State is threatening to close the Stony Kill Environmental Center. It's not only the place we grow our peppers, but it's an important historic farm and educational center. It's the only place like this they're threatening to close, and it's absolutely ridiculous that they're threatening it's closure. Read the Poughkeepsie Journal article here.

A friend writes:

If you are interested in helping to save Stony Kill, here are a few addresses and/or phone numbers that you can write or call. Please take a few minutes to call or write. Who knows? It could help:

The following three names comprise the budget committee:

Governor David Patterson 518-474-8390

Senator Malcolm Smith 518-455-2701

Speaker Sheldon Silver 518-455-3791

The Department of Environmental Conservation: 518-402-8043

Assemblyman Joel Miller - 845-463-1635

Senator Steve Saland's number is 845-463-0840.

Senator Saland's assistant Susan suggested that letters sent to Comm. Gruskin might be helpful. Here is his address:

Commissioner Stuart F. Gruskin

Dept. of Environmental Conservation

625 Broadway

Albany, NY 12207

If you don't live in Stony Kill's voting districts but you have visited and enjoyed Stony Kill, please call and write your state representatives and the New York State DEC. If you haven't visited Stony Kill, visit soon and call and write your state reps and the DEC. It is a place that is so worth saving.

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