The Hudson Valley's Crumbling History

I just returned from a long weekend in Beacon, and my trip back on the train yesterday evening was the first time I'd been on the Hudson side--in the daylight--in a few months. As I settled in for the ride with my book and iPod, I took a moment to enjoy the river and take in one of my favorite views: Bannerman's Castle, on an island just below Beacon. It's absolutely beautiful, and the island's been an important part of the Hudson Valley since the Revolutionary War (check out it's history).

I was completely shocked...so much of the beautiful structure had collapsed! I immediately called one of my friends to ask what happened (I didn't believe what I'd just seen), and sure enough, much of the ruined castle had started to crumble in December (see the Times article here). Since then, much more has come down.

For the 11 years I've been regularly traveling to Beacon, I've wanted to photograph the place (thank you Metro North, for the dirty windows that have prevented any decent photos so far) and take a tour. If they're still offering tours this summer, I'm going! Apparently, it's just a matter of time until this beautiful structure is no more... Sad.

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