Mixing Meat With Imagination

I've been admiring Dickson's Farmstand Meats' beautiful products since I spied one of their stands at the New Amsterdam Market last summer. Since opening the Chelsea Market store a few months ago, I've stopped in and stared at their artisanal offerings just about every visit, overwhelmed by the creativity of some of their cured, potted, and ground meats.

Last month, Tony and I tried one of their patés (I believe it was tongue, and it was fabulous!). I've also drooled over the creative selection of sausages, which changes regularly, and finally, yesterday, I could resist no longer. After spying beef and lamb with sichuan peppercorn, I was hooked...and remembering I had some bok choy in the fridge...I was reeled in.

I sautéed the bok choy with a little garlic and soy sauce, then topped it with the cooked sausage, which was unlike anything I'd ever had. It was kind of like eating spicy meat infused with rainbows...kind of glorious and satisfying. The only unfortunate bit was afterward, when I realized how salty it had been... Thinking about it is kind of a turn-off this morning, but hopefully they'll dial back the salt content as they continue to experiment.

Can't wait to try some of their straight up cuts of meat, which are some of the most beautiful looking things I've seen in a while.

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