I Love NYC, But Could Use A Trip To Tuscany Right About Now

Hearing a friend is on his way to Florence (albeit for 2 days of meetings), I decided that I want to be there. Now. Why hasn't anybody perfected that Star Trek transport technology yet? Isn't it about time?

I was inspired to scan a few of my pix (I was there just before digital cameras became affordable), and came across a few shots I thought I'd share.

Passed this market on a side street in Florence. Yes, we have a few produce places in NYC that attempt to do something like this, but this is gorgeous! Every piece of fruit/veg was absolutely perfect, and the way the color popped in the middle of the city... *sigh*

Loved this cheesy tourist shop hawking wine and wild boar products in San Gimignano. (This medieval walled town, near Siena, is famous for its towers and local wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.)

A baby fig in my friends' backyard.

And finally...these David aprons were EVERYWHERE when I was there. But this vendor in Pisa wins the contest for best marketing ploy. If I had a giant kitchen, I'd totally have a human-sized, David apron–wearing Pinocchio in the corner.

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