Operation Clean Out The Fridge: Horseradish Leaves, Take 2...Complete Disaster

My second experiment with the boring, sad horseradish leaves is barely worth mentioning...but I feel that I had to post a follow-up to my previous post. I thought I'd make a quick stir-fry last night, so I tossed the remainder of my frozen sliced beef, a teaspoon of leftover Penang curry paste, and the rest of the thawed leaves in a pan.

Sadly, it didn't work. Don't try it. I think horseradish leaves are off my list, and I'll reserve Panang curry for big noodly stir-fries and coconut milk soups and the like.

Oh well...

I'm off to Pennsyltucky for the holiday weekend. I'm hoping to spy whoopie pies in their native habitat, and if I find any, I'll post photos.

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