Garden: Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds

It was garden organization time this weekend. Jess and I sat down with Nancy's giant basket o' seeds, sorted, and made some planting decisions. While I brought a lot of seeds back to the city to sow in my window (my baby plants seem to be doing fairly well, and it seems like I'm having about a 95% success rate so far), we decided to try a bunch on the back deck, even though there's not the best light (a big, scary tree from the neighbor's yard blocks lots of afternoon sun).

...and then there are the evil squirrels...there will undoubtedly be more on the evil squirrels...

I spent Sunday afternoon planting onions, container tomatoes, beets, radishes, carrots, an Italian lettuce mix with radicchio, sugar peas, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, marigolds, sunflowers, cilantro, chives, German thyme, and lemon, lime, red, and cinnamon basil. I used what we already had on hand for dirt: potting soil and some moo topsoil (soil with composted cow manure). We placed the pots, and Jess covered as many as he could with an anti-squirrel mesh. I have a feeling they'll find a way around it...

I'll be up there again this weekend, so will report on any baby plants next week.

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