Good Deals: Diner Run

Like everyone else on this planet, sometimes I feel too tired to cook. Last night, even though I'd pulled ingredients out of the freezer to start on my upcoming "Cleaning out the Fridge" project, I just couldn't face bellying up to the stove. I was feeling awful and needed comfort food, so I decided it was time to participate in that good ol' NYC tradition: takeout.

Luckily, my local greasy spoon is the Skylight Diner, which happens to be pretty darn good. When I'm craving my (usually monthly) diner run, I go for my favorite thing on the menu: a Patty Melt. Skylight's version is a ground beef patty smothered with sautéed onions and American cheese, all nicely put together grilled cheese style on rye. It's the best I've had in this town so far, and kinda worth the guilt.

But today, I have to walk 5 miles or so to make up for it...

Skylight Diner is at 402 West 34th Street, just west of 9th Avenue.

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Cathy from Ephrata said...

That pictures looks edible. Mmmmmmm. I have fond memories of patty melts from Bob's Big Boy in Washington, DC. The best part was spotting senators and various politicians making a late-night stop.