KKNY On The Road: Broad Street Market, Harrisburg, PA

On Saturday, my big brother and I made a pit stop at Harrisburg's Broad Street Market. I remember it being kind of sad when I was a kid, but happily, there's been a great deal of improvement. As it's in the "city" of Harrisburg, the offerings are much more diverse than the market in Gratz--kind of like Pennsylvania Dutch meets the rest of the world--with vendors hawking traditional items alongside those selling Caribbean, Indian, soul food, and more.

Whoopie pies in their natural habitat, properly wrapped individually in plastic (not environmentally-friendly, I admit, but it makes them better). I'm really not so sure about the chocolate chip version (the thought of it gives me a stomach ache), but I must admit...perhaps it's time to back off my whoopie pie zealotry. One vendor offered a red velvet version, while another offered a selection of bite-sized treats. So, if the Pennsylvania Dutch are experimenting...I can too. Maybe I'll make that Mexican-inspired batch I'd pondered a while back.

An aside: This stand selling the whoopie pies in the photo was a coffee shop run by an Amish family. It was particularly fascinating to see a young Amish boy brewing a cup of espresso...

Perhaps KKNY reader Irma Stoltzfus could enlighten us: What exactly is Lemonade-Coffee?

Traditional mystery meats.

Need I say what I think Hummer's tag line should be?

This place had beautiful southern-style barbecued chicken and ribs...run by an Amish family.


Irma Stoltzfus said...

LOL! You know I read your blog every day, and I saw your question about Lemonade-Coffee. You can have either a nice refreshing, freshly squeezed Lemonade in the hot weather, or a freshly brewed cup of coffee when its cold and rainy like today.

LOVE the whoopie pie pictures, we sure love them. My sister reminded me that in western Pennsylvania where she lives, they call them "gobs." I don't know why, but either way they are delicious.

Keep up the good work, we're all reading your blog in my small town.

Cathy from Ephrata said...

I'm visualizing a t-shirt ... Hummer's logo on the front ... on the back "You can't beat Hummer's meats".

and for the really naughty ... in small print beneath that line ... "believe me, I've tried"