Garden: First Seeds of Spring -- Preview of Things to Come

Throughout the next few months I'll be documenting my vegetable gardening adventures with friends upstate. They've signed up for a plot at Stony Kill Farm, an organic farm north of Beacon, and I'll be heavily involved this year, from start to finish. Tune in for the hits and misses...even though I grew up in the middle of farm country Pennsyltucky, I don't really know what I'm doing!

Happily, we kicked off the season yesterday, starting the first few seeds on my friends' back deck: hot peppers, bell peppers, Genovese zucchini, and a selection of herbs. We'll be adding lots of tomatoes, more hot peppers, cabbage, and a few other things in the weeks to come!


Cathy from Ephrata said...

If you have access to compost, veggies love it. Nature's way of adding nutrients to the soil. If not ... add a banana peel (after eating the banana of course) to each hole you dig. It has a wealth of easily broken-down nutrients for plants.

Radish Girl said...

Wow--We'll have to try it! Thanks!!!

Promila said...

I'm jealous! I still haven't planted a thing because it's too cold! Please give gardening tips!