Crazy Cookies

Nancy C. and I ventured into Milk & Cookies on Commerce Street for a Saturday afternoon snack. After much pondering, we decided to try the ice cream sandwiches, which I'd read about last summer. They turned out to be a nice treat: the cookies were nicely buttery and not too sweet (hurrah!), as was the ice cream (from il laboratorio del gelato). There were no regrets afterwards, and the resulting sugar high was manageable (not like the nightmare Magnolia Bakery Hangover. Ugh.).

We also tried some of their samples, and I'd like to go back for a chocolate chip cookie sometime (I usually find them boring, but these were remarkably flavorful). I would've tried a whoopie pie, but wasn't in the mood for cream cheese filling. Does anyone in this town make plain-old, straight-up whoopie pies?

Overall, with a decent amount of seating and a pleasant staff, the place had a nice vibe. Good excuse to go check it out again...

Milk & Cookies is at 19 Commerce Street, just west of 6th Avenue.

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