Garden 34th Street: Planting, Planting, Planting

Spring has finally sprung in NYC, and this weekend's sunshine brought the welcome return of green. The warmth encouraged me to get back to work on the garden, and now my window is filled with pots.

First things first, I had to transplant my lettuce lawn (pictured above). As I was planting seeds a couple of weeks ago, the seed packet leaked...and instead of trying to pick them all out of the dirt, I let them go. Yesterday I moved the baby plants to a bigger container (they're still tight, so I'll probably take some of the plants upstate to see what happens). They seem to be perky this morning...I think the operation was a success!

I'm also happy to report the birth of baby hot peppers! I planted some of the seeds from last summer's dried chili hots, and just as I was about to give up, poof! Right now there are eight babies in my window, and I'm a very proud mother.

My apartment's southern exposure is perfect for germinating seeds, so I decided to start some things destined for the upstate organic garden. Yesterday, I planted the seeds Tony's brought from Brazil: 5 kinds of hot peppers, 2 kinds of tomatoes, okra, jiló (a bitter vegetable that's quite delicious), and Maxixe do Norte, which I've never had (and from the seed packet, looks like some form of alien pod).

BTW: I covered the new pots with plastic (bags from my recycle pile) to encourage germination. I'll let you know if it helps, or just kills everything...

For my next trick, I'll transplant my crazy crop of baby basil...before it takes over my entire apartment.

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Thelma said...

Love the closeups of the vegetables. Isn't it amazing when they have two leaves, everything looks the same? Sort of like a human cell dividing. Wait for a couple more divisions and it takes shape. YAY SPRING!!! Three cheers.

Regarding the plastic over the pots. I have had success in the past but didn't remove them in time, so the seedlings became fuzzy (mold?) and limp. I guess too much humidity was the downfall.