KKNY On The Road: Crossroads Market in Gratz, PA

Fridays are market day in Gratz, an Amish-infused farm town on the edge of Pennsylvania's coal country. I haven't been to the Crossroads Market since the late 1980s/early 90s, so I thought it was about time for a visit. It's such the traditional old-timey market scene, as people shop not only for traditional Pennsylvania Dutch fare, but for good ol' local gossip as well.
Easter treats from Squirrel Farm in Millersburg, PA.


Piles of cold cuts...including Central Pennsylvania's famous Lebanon Bologna. I'm not a fan, but was forced to eat lots of it growing up as part of the school lunch program. Those two slices of faux Wonder Bread, Lebanon, and Government Cheese will forever be burned into my memory...

Some of the tongue souse my parents picked up. It was actually quite nice--not as disgusting and strong as I thought it would be.

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