Garden 34th Street: More Seeds, More Seedlings

The KKNY Nursery is going gangbusters, especially after four days of hot sunshine. The lettuce and basil needs to be thinned again, and it's already time to take the first batch of chili hot peppers upstate, I think.

I have a 3-inch tall baby okra that's just a fuzzy stalk with two leaves, baby jiló, some tomatoes, and some new Brazilian peppers that are just coming up.

This morning, I planted even more seeds in Jess's brilliant egg carton terrarium. I'm generally kind of frustrated with many organic food producers overusing plastic in packaging, but the eggs we bought this weekend yielded two 12-space planters, one with a built-in cover. And the best thing is that they fit easily on my windowsill, so I'm one happy camper. I planted one full container (pictured here) with three kinds of tomatoes (Brandywine, Marvel Stripe, and Green Zebra), and the other with some lemon cucumber and more recently-delivered seeds from Brazil (Dedo de Moça and Cumari do Pará peppers, green jiló, and fennel).

I have an egg carton in my fridge, so I'll have to figure out a few more things to plant. Time to go through the pile of seed packets and make some more decisions.

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Promila said...

Am loving all the photos - you should start a separate gardening blog :-)