Garden 34th Street: I've Decided Not To Obsess

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been documenting my baby plants as meticulously as last year. I've decided not to get so attached to them. Last year it was new, exciting, and wondrous...and then loved-for baby plants were left on a train by a well meaning but tired friend...the blight killed the tomatoes...mystery bugs killed the squash...and finally, the aphids took over my hot peppers. And then word of Stony Kill's potential closure (which is still a possibility). It's all too depressing.

So this year, I need to step back. If the blight comes back, it'll be a bummer, but I won't get so upset. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the hot peppers, but I have a feeling the aphids know where I live and will come to avenge their fallen brethren, and I won't get so frustrated if they do. If Stony Kill's a no-go, I suppose I'll have to give my babies to someone who can actually grow them, and just hope I get to taste the results.

In the meantime, I'll keep watering my little tomatoes, peppers, herbs, marigolds, squash, and lettuce. I guess I've finally learned a lesson about the realities of nature...

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