Let's Have A Chaat

I'm fighting a sore throat today, so on my way home from errands I didn't really want to be running, I took my too-tired-to-cook-my-own-food self into Tawa Tandoor, the little Indian joint that opened a few months ago on 34th just east of 9th (in the former Soul Fixin's space). Some friends had said it was pretty good, and it looked more than acceptable the few times I'd peered in, so it was about time.

I was just going to pick up a samosa, but when I spied Papri Chaat on the menu (that most wonderful Indian snack), that's what it had to be. I must say, even though my little illness may be skewing my flavor receptors a bit, I think this is among the best chaat I've had. Not only was it kick-ass spicy, but it was interestingly herby, offering up flavors I've never before had in this particular dish.

The place is very modern and shiny, and everything else looked pretty damn good. They have dosai, kati rolls, a selection of breads, a few North Indian things, and the "masala fries" looked intriguing (like the fresh version of Andy Capp's Hot Fries, perhaps?). It's kind of dangerous to know I can get a good chaat or dosa so close to home...

Tawa Tandoor, 371 W. 34th Street.

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