This Weekend I Had A Popsicle...With BACON!

'Twas a Beacon weekend for me, and after planting the first load of my window-grown baby plants in our garden, I decided we deserved a treat at Zora Dora's Paleteria. We'd discovered the awesomeness of their micro-batch popsicles last summer, and I'm psyched that summer is once again upon us so we can legitimately go there ALL THE TIME.

I perused the chalkboard of flavors, and while there were a bunch I'd had last year--and loved--I decided I had to get something new. Nancy claimed the super-yummy pineapple, chili, and other stuff I forget flavor, so I asked what the intriguing "Moo & Oink" was. Chocolate + chocolate chunks + chipotle + BACON! I had to have it.

It was pretty fabulous. Kind of like refreshing mole on a stick, but with bacon. Yum.

Zora Dora's Paleteria, 201 Main Street in Beacon, NY.

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