Nice View...

I finally hit the Top of the Standard (originally called the Boom Boom Room) yesterday evening, and it's certainly a new addition to to my list of favorite places to splash out and take visitors for a posh drink & nice view. Not only is the d├ęcor totally up my alley (retro 70s), but the drinks are good and the view is absolutely spectacular.

Though The Standard is way west in the Meatpacking District, it's removed from the other high buildings in the neighborhood and offers a panoramic view of the city. And frankly, while Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building are great, I'd rather take that entry fee and pay for a schmancy cocktail in a place you can sit, sip, and enjoy.

It is, of course, not perfect. We were there at 5:30 on a Monday, so the place was empty. It's still new to the scene and pretty popular, so I'm sure getting in after 7 or 8--especially on a busier night--is probably annoying and problematic (I was almost bounced for my footwear, and you obviously have to look the part). It's also completely inside, therefore perfect for the bad weather, but perhaps a little sad when it's beautiful outside. Regardless, it's worth a visit.

We sat at the bar and mulled over the lengthy list of drinks. The decision was difficult, but at the suggestion of the bartender I ended up with the Boom Boom. I don't remember the ingredients (all of the other drink possibilities were swimming in my head), but essentially combined strawberry with a nicely intense dose of muddled ginger. The service was great and I was happily satisfied, so I sipped and enjoyed the view of my lovely city...

The Top of the Standard is on the 18th floor of The Standard hotel, at 13th and Washington Streets.

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