Ramp Pizza @ Otto

Went to Otto Monday night, and completely flipped when I saw ramp pizza on the list of specials. My vote for one of our pies, hands down.

Have to say...kind of disappointed. Why did they decide to use red sauce? (Why would anyone? Apparently Motorino did the same thing.) The sauce overpowered the delicate ramps, so to me, we ended up with something that was kind of "meh." I was with out of town guests and didn't want to ruin their celebrity chef dining experience (and I've always been happy at Otto), so I made the appropriate yummy sounds...but it was completely lame. The ramp pizza Jimmy and I created a few weeks ago was way better.

At least the olive oil gelato I had for dessert made up for it. Love that stuff. I think I'm going to start hitting Otto's bar for a glass of wine and an e.v.o.o. ge-la-to.


PJ said...

I was at Otto a couple of weeks ago and, with the same thought in mind ("ramps in tomato sauce?"), I suggested we avoid the ramp pizza. Instead we went with the Pane Frattau (pizza with tomato, pecorino, and egg) and chose to celebrate spring with the antipasti (super thin asparagus and deliciously fresh peas). Of course, way back then (April 18), it actually was spring!

Radish Girl said...

That sounds great! Yeah, usually Otto's great, but I guess it can't always be poifect...