Power To The People's Pops

I hadn't been to Chelsea Market in a couple of weeks (unusual), but in desperate need of decent veggies, I stopped in... Zipping past the strolling Sunday masses on my way to Manhattan Fruit Exchange, I noticed signs announcing two more additions to the recently revamped space in the middle of the market: Bar Suzette (a creperie) and People's Pops.

I'd heard the buzz about People's Pops (local ingredients, etc.) and, intrigued by the creative flavors, I splashed out for a fruit pop lunch. While I pondered the spiced rhubarb, I went for the plum/yogurt/tarragon, which really made me curious. It was pretty great and nicely satisfying...chunks of plum, not too much yogurt (just a touch to smooth out the texture and enhance the flavors), and the tarragon added a nice savoriness that rounded everything out beautifully.

It made me want to clean out my freezer, buy some popsicle molds, and ramp up for some summertime creativity!

UPDATE: They're closed! Read their farewell letter here, though it's not entirely clear to me that they're gone forever? And some of their signs are still up... In the meantime, go have an Australian meat pie at Tuck Shop!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Heard back from the People's Pops folks on my Tuck Shop post, and they'll be back when the weather warms up. Hooray!

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