Leftover Meatloaf Stir Fry

What to do when you're sick of eating leftover meatloaf (or in my case, beef cake), and there's still a hunk of it hanging out in the fridge? Stir fry, baby.

Now, I'm not sure this would work as well with a super-flavorful meatloaf--or if you're not addicted to chilis like I am--but I think it's worth a shot, as long as you use ingredients that will stand up to whatever's already in the meat. And with summer barbecues coming up, I'm sure this would be a fabulous idea for leftover hamburgers from a pre-fireworks cookout extravaganza.

As with any stir fry, you can toss in pretty much anything. In the version above, I sautéed a crumbled slice of leftover beef cake (probably 1/3 to 1/2 cup cooked meat) in some of my mysterious Sichuan Pepper Pickle. After a couple of minutes I added about 2 cups of leek greens, cooked them until just tender, then tossed in a handful of cooked noodles, chili paste, soy sauce, a little Sichuan peppercorn-infused oil, and some chopped green onions. I served it topped with a little chili garlic sauce.

Now that's the way to eat leftovers...

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