Potential find o' the day

Mandy and I hopped the 7 train to Flushing, Queens, yesterday, and vowed to make it a regular adventure. Why has it been so long since I've been there? And why, after reading about Spicy & Tasty a few years ago, did I not get my arse in gear for some Sichuan flavorfulness? We wandered, finding some sites (Flushing Town Hall, the old theatre, the Friends Meeting House), a 99-cent store filled with great bargains (I scored some obscure middle-eastern soaps and a crazy light-up ball), 4 steamed pork buns for $1.25 (served by a woman who delivered the goods by flopping the bag over the windowsill), and many large grocery store options. We finally ended up at Spicy & Tasty, where we tried the dan dan noodles (very unlike others I'd had before), seaweed sautéed in garlic, and "Enhanced Pork," which was similar to double sautéed pork, but less spicy and more flavorful. While what we ate was yummy, the other tables had ordered some dishes we'd never seen before, so we decided that we need to go back some day soon with a large group of friends for some more culinary exploration!

The potential find of the day, to be reviewed at a later date, are the "Sichuan Pepper Pickles." Mandy and I each picked up a jar, so we'll let you know.

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