Protein Recharge

So, I've been extremely delinquent in posting to VendrediFriday, and as spring has really, truly spring, I'm determined to make this a regular habit again. I eat every day, so...

I jump in again with a random, quick, non-recipe post listing my 3 favorite meats. I tried to be a vegetarian for a little while in college, but since that was really the result of me not liking the taste of American meat upon my return from some time living in the UK (yay Mad Cow!), it wasn't true vegetarianism... After moving to NYC relaunched my love of flesh, there's been no stopping me.

The other night, I was talking with some friends about their top choices, and here are mine:

3. Lamb. So wonderfully tasty--especially RARE (to the horror of some of my burned-meat friends, but to the joy of most of the meat-eating planet). I love beef, but lamb is generally better, more flavorful, and happy-making.

2. Duck. Because it's fatty. Need I say more?

1. Pig. Pork. Oinker fleish. Pig is perfect. It's so incredibly flexible. You can use it simply like "the other white meat" ads suggest, but you can make it intense (like a pork molé), cook it forever so it's like butter, have it in a homespun fashion (pulled pork), or so much more. Then there are the fatty bits...bacon, lardons, and their friends. And it's so beautiful on a spit.

Sadly, I'm eating chicken tonight.

Oh well!

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