Truly Cheap Eats: More Cuisine of Pakistan

Cuisine of Pakistan's Aloo Tiki and Chaplee Kebab
Cuisine of Pakistan has become one of my go-to neighborhood places for a quick, cheap, incredibly yummy meal. I've been defaulting to the Chicken Kebab Rolls I discovered on my first outing there (they're delicious, spicy, the perfect thing to grab for a quick meal, and only $3.50). But on a recent visit, I noticed the delicious-looking Chaplee Kebab patties. Upon asking what they were, the guy gave me a taste. Holy wowsah, it was amazing!!!! Ground chicken infused with lime, herbs, and chilis, it totally (and unbelievably) kicked the Chicken Kebab's ass.

So, when I was starving and exhausted a couple of days ago, I popped in and ordered a Chaplee Kebab ($2) and – while I was branching out – the fascinating-looking Aloo Tiki ($1), a sort of spice-infused potato croquette. Served with a side of yogurt sauce, the Chaplee Kebab was indeed amazing, and the Aloo Tiki was a wonderful combination of comfort food and kick-ass spice. It was, for me, a ton of food, so I ended up eating the leftover half of the Chaplee on a salad the next day, using the remainder of the yogurt sauce as dressing. I was very happy.

Once again, Cuisine of Pakistan upholds its status as a Ninth Avenue standout. It may look dumpy, but it's well worth the visit! A restaurant full of cabbies can't be wrong!

Cuisine of Pakistan is at 478 Ninth Avenue, between 36th and 37th Streets.

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