Yes Folks, Tomatoes Are Fruit

Doesn't this look like a bowl of peaches? Amazingly, it's not...it's one of the tomatoes from the garden upstate!!!

I've been having a crazy work week, so haven't had time to update anyone on anything (don't worry folks, it's coming!), but I have had time to eat some of our glorious bounty. I have to say, while they're taking forever to ripen, these babies sure do make up for last year's blight. When I sliced into this tomato last night and took a taste, I decided it was so incredibly perfect--sweet, flavorful, sublime--that all it needed was a little Maldon salt and a tiny bit of olive oil. It was among my favorite meals of the summer...

There's nothing like a really good tomato, and this is why I rarely eat them out of season. Oh tomato gods, why can't we remedy this situation? Longer season, please!!!

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