Garden 2010: First Huge Harvest O' The Summer

The best part of the summer is finally upon us: harvest time has started in earnest at Stony Kill! While our tomatoes are still very, very green, we filled bags with tomatillos and maxixe, just scratching the surface of what's on its way. I took photos of the giant bowls filled with the green goodness, but they just didn't do justice. So, a few gratuitous garden shots:

A baby pattypan on its vine.

The pattypan plants in all their glory. They seem to be the happiest things out there!

One of the first ripe cherry tomatoes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we played with our food...

Some of our harvest: pattypans and tomatoes.
More harvest: Chili hots, tomatoes, and green peppers.
I pickled some maxixe. We'll see if they turn out!
Nancy made a beautiful salad, adding some avocado and fresh mozzarella to our tasty tomatoes, basil, and nasturtiums!

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