There's a Farm in NYC?

Yup, there's a farm in NYC. In Queens, in fact. Known today as the Queens County Farm Museum, it's the city's "largest remaining undisturbed tract of farmland." Dating to 1697, much of its 47 acres is still worked--they sell organic produce and raise a few animals (but only the veggies are for consumption--the livestock is for educational purposes). The farmhouse dates to 1772 (with additions in the 19th century), and tours are available every weekend (if Mister Marty's on duty, don't miss it!)

As I was born in Pennsyltucky and spend a lot of time at Stony Kill when I'm upstate, visiting a farm wasn't an especially eye-opening experience, but frankly, the best part was the irony of visiting a working farm...in QUEENS! It's definitely worth a visit, especially if you're raising your kids in the city. Check the website for a calendar of events (we'd missed a Pow Wow the previous weekend) because I think the place is probably super-fun when there's some sort of special gathering.

Only a farm in NYC would have a plethora of pigeons...
Farm, meet City.
Caution! There's wine being produced in Queens!
The kitchen in the 1772 farmhouse (photo by St├ęphane!)
Candle mold, spice box, dutch oven.
A spider pan. Horrible name, awesome design (it was used over open flames).
Do you suppose they have the Wii version of these toys?
Our awesome tour guide, Mister Marty, approaches a nineteenth-century "air conditioned" chair. You'd sit in it, tap the pedal, and the fan above would go!

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