A Quick Stop = Must Revisit

La Gran Uruguaya Bakery's yuca bread
A recent search for an easy and quick Jackson Heights dinner nosh led to La Gran Uruguaya Bakery. Never having experienced anything Uruguayan, I was totally starting from square one. This place sure did open up a whole new world of South American style breads and pastries for me!

The cases were chock-full of beautiful things, but I started with the most obvious dinner option: the empanadas, which were fresh, tasty, and well-made. I also tried a mystery dessert that looked like a giant corn macaron filled with dulce de leche and rolled in shaved coconut. A little dry (probably a perfect coffee companion), but definitely yummy and not too sweet. Finally, as I love all things made from this humble root, I picked up a piece of yuca bread for my next day's breakfast. It was delicious (it even tasted a little cheesy) and surprisingly filling.

I want more.

La Gran Uruguaya Bakery is at 85-06 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens.

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