Truly Cheap Eats: Cuisine of Pakistan

Why, oh why, did I wait so long?

For years I've walked by Cuisine of Pakistan (Ninth Avenue between 36th & 37th), admiring the "Nice & Spicey" [sic] neon sign in the window. I always noted the many cabs parked out front, which meant the food was probably pretty good.

Finally a couple of weeks ago, I was starving and there was nothing in the fridge (full but nothing to eat--how does that happen?!). I was insanely late for the matinee of The Royal Family, so I decided to pick up one of Cuisine of Pakistan's Chicken Kebab Rolls for a whopping $3.50. Served on warm fluffy naan with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a little yogurt sauce, it was a revelation. Like the sign said, it was nice and spicy--it needed no additional hot sauce (a rarity for me)--and the many other flavors balanced out the tube of ground chicken beautifully.

I went back yesterday to double-check, and yeah, it's pretty darn awesome. It was the height of the lunch hour and the place smelled fantastic. I'll have to go back for the platter, which is also quite the deal: $7 for two vegetarian options, $8 for two meat dishes (both come with rice, naan, and sides).

Cuisine of Pakistan is at 478 Ninth Avenue.

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