Sunday in NY, Part 1: The New Amsterdam Market Redux

After September's colorful edition of the New Amsterdam Market, I decided a visit to its October event was in order. Using my search for one of the garlic vendors from last time as an excuse (alas, he wasn't there), I happily explored... There was definitely more meat this time (but still very little in the cured department), way more wine, less chocolate (what?!), and many, many people.

The stand-out vendors were two offering some fine swine... (Me? Pork? Really?):

The super-nice duo from Ithaca's The Piggery were selling some spectacular pork products (a couple of pat├ęs, prosciutto-like ham, cooking lard, and much more). I was drawn in by their pork confit (first thing listed on the sign!), and when I mentioned having taken a stab at making it myself, Heather gave me a card and offered to help with any future pig meat forays. So nice! Two thumbs up.

For lunch, I partook of what might be the best sandwich ever, filled with the spectacular porky goodness from Porchetta. I heard about this East Village heaven about a year ago, but--perhaps as some sort of self-preservation--I hadn't actually gone for a meal. But I caved yesterday when the beautiful Roman style herb-infused flesh with gleaming skin called to me through its little glass display. Wow. I couldn't put my finger on it yesterday, but looking at the ingredients on Porchetta's website this morning, I think fennel was the key ingredient. Crazy. I need to go have a plate sometime. Totally worth the trek.

All-in-all, it was a great start to a beautiful day's wanderings.

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